Suggestions to Promote Relaxation in Your Daily Busy Life

It is possible to fit in several mini-relaxations each day. Try them while talking on the phone, waiting in line, etc.
  • Become aware of self:
    Am I clenching my teeth?
    Is my neck tight?
    Am I silently angry?
  • Self-talk: smile inwardly and say "I accept the fact that I can be calm"
  • Do the 7-11: breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 8 to 11 seconds.
  • Frequent checks to see if you are breath holding, and remember deep rhythm breathing (7- 11).
  • Use a green dot on your watch, telephone, desk, pen, kitchen table, or bathroom mirror as a cue to RELAX and remind yourself to let go and unhurry.
  • Let go of the tight jaw, strained eyes, wrinkled forehead, neck tightness, breathe out as you let the tight area go.
  • This technique is easy to learn and a wonderful tool to help with a stressful moment.


Courtesy of Dr. Theo De Gagné - -